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    Episode 308 - Kit Kat Club
    The Lounge
    Bring on the cats
    Feelin' a little frisky? Welcome to my Kit Kat Club. Inspired by the Jazz Club scene of the 1930's to the 1950's, this cat is dying to share with you how to turn your own living room into your very own intimate club atmosphere for two.

    I began by covering my coffee table in a silver organza. The theme of silver and gold began to take shape as I placed down glass plates with gold bands. I selected a couple of bowls put to the side for the shells from the Oysters Rockerfeller which I would be serving and I also chose to accent each setting with side plates which had an Industrial Age look to them.

    Cutlery consisted of a sleek Christofle pattern with gold detailing on the top and bottom of each stem. Silver napkins, to which I attached a little "good wish" pouch with a little poem inside, added to the look and the romance of the room.

    Can't forget about the cocktails! How about a martini? I chose elegant martini glasses with platinum rings. Champagne flutes with the same pattern were poised and ready for some bubbly. And, to set off the entire look, I placed down some beautiful wine glasses with a gold ball at the top of each stem for the Burgundy that I would be serving with dinner. Speaking of dinner, I decided to display a menu so that my guest would know exactly how the evening would unfold.

    Sleek looking orchids displayed in mercury vases and a large display of calla lilies really completed the look. As a final touch, I placed a small white orchid at the center of the folded silver napkins.

    As I lit the candles and awaited my guest's arrival, there was only one word to describe the mood that my living room had taken on: Meow!

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