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    Episode 422 - Pot Luck
    Pot Luck Table
    Set the tone for this fun dinner...
    So you're invited to a potluck dinner. Expecting to see a buffet with all kinds of mystery food? No way! Savoir Faire says it should be a sit-down meal and I'll give you so many reasons to try this, you'll be doing it before you know it. When you're a guest at a pot luck it's nice to share the recipes of the dishes you create. And if your host is like me, he or she will even tell you to bring the dish and the dishes on which to serve it.

    I recommend setting up casual place settings. Forget the table cloth this time, but use beige (or other soft-toned) coloured place mats and matching napkins. Complement the look with a basket weave patterned white plate. For flatware, go with an everyday service. To go along with the pot-luck theme, try creating a different treatment for each guest: fan-shaped, hat-shaped, any shape will work. For glassware, use tall glasses for water, wine goblets for wine, and champagne flutes for the bubbly, which you will serve as a toast to the other culinary experts at your house.

    For soup bowls, try a pattern such as the Yves Chem (sp?), with beautiful depictions of various fruits and vegetables. When you ask each of your friends to bring something, one of the requests will surely be for bread. I'm sure they will also be happy to provide the side-dishes. Especially if they have a beautiful willow pattern like the ones my guest supplied. If you have a friend who knows how to make a great salad, feel free to ask them to bring it. They will probably transport it in a service dish. If you are lucky, they might also bring you some matching china.

    Set up dessert at the end of the table so your guests can anticipate the featured, fantastic, last course. Place down a nice looking dessert platter, some dessert plates and cups and saucers for coffee.

    As an added touch, pick up some wooden finials (one for each place setting) at a hardware store. Attach a name card to each finial, using a brass tack. You can also attach recipe cards for each recipe that is being used at your pot luck dinner.

    A few final items to put on the table are storage jars from your kitchen containing some of the ingredients that were used in creating your own recipe. You can also bring out baking utensils, pots, pans, etcetera. They make for a very inexpensive alternative to a centrepiece.

    As added decoration, arrange your pots and pans on your coffee table as a centrepiece. Fill the largest pot with some fresh flowers, such as daisies. What a great way to greet your guests. Place a few cookbooks on the coffee table as well, so in case someone wants to plan their next potluck, you will all be totally armed and ready.

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