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    Episode 422 - Pot Luck
    Recipe Cards
    Good reading...
    I'll never forget the days when my sisters in high school were in Home Economics class; the dinners they whipped up were always very tasty, well, maybe always! In the meanwhile, I was in shop class learning how to make recipe cardholders.

    Although cookbook collections are great to have, recipe cards are your own creation. When placed together in a recipe cardholder, they will become a document of all the wonderful recipes you've picked up or shared over the years.

    Typically, a recipe card should have the name of the recipe at the top, like Beurre Blanc. Next come the ingredients and the quantity that the recipe will yield. Depending on how many people you're serving, you will want to account for that by adjusting the amount of each ingredient.

    Recipes always list ingredients based on the order in which they are used in the recipe. This helps you to assemble the different ingredients in the right order before beginning the preparation.

    A nice thing to add at the end of a recipe card is what goes well with it. As an example, Beurre Blanc is nice with fish, pasta, and grilled veggies. As well, something I learned from my Mom is to detail on the back of your recipe card the date on which you try a recipe, and also how it tastes.

    Before you know it you will have your very own cookbook in your recipe cardholder. Anyone want to publish it? You never know!

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