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    Episode 422 - Pot Luck
    Measuring Up!
    Does your kitchen measure up?
    Do you have the basic tools you need in order to follow a recipe? Well, if you don't here are some ideas on how you can measure up!

    First of all I'd like to suggest that if you don't already have one, you pick up a kitchen scale. Many times when creating recipes from Europe, they call for an exact weighed measurement, such as 7 grams of finely chopped chocolate. The scale allows us to get those exact measurements right on.

    The next must-have item is a set of measuring cups. I have three in my kitchen as, more often than not recipes call for multiple liquids. This way, you can have everything pre-poured and then it is really easy to just add them to the recipe. Used exclusively for liquids, they are called liquid measures. Remember to allow for the meniscus, which is the dip in the liquid. Always make sure you follow to the exact line, based on how the meniscus is dipping.

    Onto dry measures and these are measuring cups used for flour, sugar or any dry ingredient. Simply dip the measure into your ingredient then square off the top with a knife.

    Using these two different types of measuring cups, for either liquid or dry is essential. Never mix them up, and remember to always make sure you are using the correct tools in your kitchen.

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