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    6080: Autumn Splendour
    A New Leaf
    Fall into it!
    The perfect fall project is sometimes as close as a walk in the woods or your favourite park. Colourful fall leaves are the perfect inspiration for what I call "A New Leaf", which involves sandwiching leaves between pieces of glass. They're perfect for displaying on a fireplace mantel or to give as gifts.

    • 6 x 6 inch square panes of glass
    • 5.5 x 5.5 inch pieces of paper, in fall colours, such as wheat and green
    • Leaves collected from the street, such as American elm
    • Tags
    • Pen
    • Clips
    • Metal tape, gold, silver, and copper
    • Tiny hooks
    First of all, remember to be careful when you’re dealing with glass; handle sharp edges with care, and try not to get fingerprints on it.
    Select a leaf and a complementary-coloured paper. Lay the paper down onto the pane of glass, and lay the leaf down on top of the paper.
    Trim the tag with pinking shears and write the type of leaf, such as “American Elm”, on the tag. Note: you can make this an educational experience as well, using a reference book so that you can identify the leaves you’ve collected.
    Place the tag on the glass, then lay a second piece of glass on top, making sure that everything is perfectly centred.
    Attach the two pieces of glass together with some clips, to ensure the insides don’t move around when you seal it.
    Squeezing the glass together, run the metal tape all the way around the outside of the frame.
    Set them on a windowsill, place them on a tiny easel, hang them on the wall, or hand them out to all of your guests. No matter what the angle, you and your guests will see that this certainly is a new leaf!

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