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    6080: Autumn Splendour
    Antiques Hunt
    Classic finds...

    Outdoor antiques markets and tag sales are the perfect place to find entertaining trinkets, do-dads, and do-hickey's. You'd be surprised at the treasure trove of stuff you can find. Your friends are going to be asking, "Hey, where did you get that?" Before you know it, they'll be asking if they can tag along! Here's some stuff to look out for:

    • The multi-purpose nature of old boxes is sure to get the creative juices flowing. A box of crayons can be perfect for a kid’s party; filled with treats, they make great party favours. Old apple boxes and their smart-looking labels can be placed on the kitchen counter, and stocked up with delicious apples. An interesting old sugar box can serve as a great container for your olive oils and vinegars.
    • Let’s say you’ve got a silver pattern that’s missing one piece, such as a sugar spoon. In heading to an antiques market, you will see many patterns attractively displayed in silver chests. Go to the vendor, purchase the one item, and then your set at home is complete. How about a nice set of table and chairs? With a little refinishing they can be perked up and ready for your next party in no time.
    • Vintage linens, with various patterns, can add a nice touch of elegance to an evening. Notice the different colours and tones, and think about how they will work together for an occasion. If you can’t dream up a time and a place for them immediately, remember that sometimes you have to throw entertaining caution to the wind, and trust your sense that there will be an opportunity for you to present them in the near future.

    As you continue to enjoy some 6080: Autumn Splendour at the market, remember to try and be lighthearted with the vendors. For the most part, they’re quite willing to negotiate. Don’t forget to notice every detail. Remember that anything that catches your eye could be a perfect find!

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